For A Flat Belly In 2016 Try An Abs Workout Quicker Than Crunches!

Who doesn't want a nicely toned flat stomach, just about everyone right, but since most women are relying on crunches to accomplish it, this doesn't come by easily. Crunches are not the most effective abs workout as they only work on the muscles on the sides and front of your abdomen. It's important to target all of the muscles of the core if you're looking for more defined abs, and this includes upper thighs, hips as well as the lower back.

Core exercises such as the plank primarily help in training the muscles to stabilize the pelvis and spine, a great way to improve posture which is key in avoiding low back pain. These abs workout exercises also burn more calories compared to performing crunches as they go to work on more muscles.

Rather than a traditional plank exercise doing a side plank will be more challenging as you will have to support your entire body weight by using just two points of contact instead of four, and you will need to work your core harder so that you stay stabilized.

One of the best abs workout exercises that can be performed is called the Alligator Drag. This exercise essentially works as it uses your entire core in stabilizing your body. It also burns up additional calories with the added movement of dragging yourself across the floor, and mixes strength training, stability and cardio, to obtain fast results.

You will need to find a stretch of floor that will allow you to move forwards 10-20 yards and you will need to grab anything that will slide across the floor surface with minimal friction. Plastic bags or dinner plates will work fine if the floor is carpeted, whilst towels will work best on tiled or wooden floors.

Start in the push-up position with both feet on the plates, towels or whatever has been selected that will enable your sliding movement. Walk forwards with both your hands to the end of your runway, approx.10 yards if possible. Take a breather for 60-90 seconds or however long you need to recover, then repeat the alligator walk back from where you got started to complete the set, and repeat one more time. This is a simple and effective exercise, expect guaranteed results with consistent daily application, over to you!

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