Here's Some Best Fitness Apps For 2016 - Reach Your Fitness Goals!

Looking at some of the best fitness apps 2016 style, there are quite a few that catch the eye, here we take a look at two or three that are stealing the headlines. If you're set on making this year your year to get fit, all you'll need to do is to load your phone with one of these apps. Now you have a proper way to track your progress along with a constant source of motivation and coaching, or just some great music synched with your body speed, designed to make the task at hand more enjoyable along the way!

The best fitness apps for 2016 are the perfect assistant for health and fitness along with weight-loss resolutions as they're always there with you, and provide you with that personal touch. MyFitnessPal is one such app that is free and allows the user to count calories that they consume, as well as calculating how many calories are expended throughout each day.

Being compatible with a number of Fitness Trackers, MyFitnessPal can track all the calories you burn automatically by collecting them from your tracker. It helps to make you aware of what you are eating and how much exercise you need to do, to burn off the food that you eat. Then there's the Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout app, that will help anyone accomplish regular daily workouts with a minimum of fuss and time!

When it comes to the best fitness apps for 2016 and a music workout app, look no further than last year's FIT Radio app. This app specializes in creating playlists that you can use over your headphones for numerous different workouts including running and yoga, and all the songs have a steady consistent beat.

There is also the Spotify App along with its music streaming service that allows Premium subscribers to find their running tempo, and match it with a beat that suits. Once the application finds you a suitable tempo, you can leave the BPM's (Beats Per Minute) alone, just set it and forget it, and you're away. No chance of dozing off during this workout you'll keep on buzzing right through to the end. Just keep to a regular schedule and you'll be well on your way, and with luck a brand new you, in 2016!

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