A Few Tips On Swim Training And Preparation For Open Water Events

At the start, open water swimming sounds like an exciting thing to be involved in, especially if new to swim training. There are plenty of different ways to build up oneself so as to be fully ready to participate in such an event, and a good place to prepare is in one's own pool.

When it comes to training and swimming long distances, it's vital to be fully comfortable with your stroke. Most competitors in open water competitions swim using the front crawl, so you'll want to start by making sure that yours is in mighty fine shape. A few tweaks to your technique can make a massive difference to your stroke efficiency, at the same time saving valuable time and energy, for your final 200 yards!

Incorporate stroke work into your swim training. Count how many strokes it takes to complete a length and aim to reduce the number whist maintaining a similar speed. Have a back-up stroke you can employ with ease when you need to recover, and get used to treading water before attempting an open water swim, gradually building up the distance you can competently handle. You don't want to be in over your head!

Once you get in the swing of regular swim training and are ready to enter in some of the large open water events available close to where you live, you'll very soon discover that some of these gatherings can be somewhat chaotic. There'll be scores, perhaps even hundreds of folk all swimming in close proximity to each other.

Quite possibly this will come as a shock to the system when experienced for the very first time that you swim in an open water event, and quite likely you will be tempted to try and stick to the outside of the pack, where you feel you have a bit more freedom to express yourself.

It's suggested to practice group swimming first with five to half a dozen friends just using one lane of the pool first. This way you'll get used to having other swimmers within close proximity without getting unnerved come the time you're ready to step up and compete in an event.

Till the time arrives, there's no need to rush or hurry things along just take your time. Remember practice, practice, practice, is the way swimmers end up winners. They all got started at the beginning just like you, if they can do it you can do it too, just take it easy, okay!

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